Air Tunes

April 19-20, 2014
The NEST, 105 Puyu Xi Rd, Shanghai
Artist: Ameet Gill
Partners: Manuela Frank and SAS Middle School
Sponsor: Shanghai Ecodesign Fair

Air awakens us to its presence by its changing movement, which we perceive on our bodies and all around us. Light, colorful things especially that change in response to the air put us in mind of changes in the air itself.

Air Tunes is a mixed media installation that combines giant chimes made from over 200 crochet circles and a garden of pinwheels made by students at SAS Middle School. Visitors are invited to remove a pinwheel from the garden and replace it with a puff of wildflower seed, that may grow to mark the beginning of a change that is taking place.

Artist’s statement: “This installation asks the public to engage in completing the piece, and also to carry a part of it home as a reminder of the change in choices we need to make today for a better tomorrow.”

Sponsored by: Shanghai EcoDesign Fair