The Second (semi) Annual Shanghai 24 Hour DRAW

Drawing in the daytime. Drawing at night.
Pencil drawing, charcoal sketch, figure study, line drawing. Drawing on the table, drawing under the table, drawing in the open air, drawing on the street. Fat pens, skinny pens, paper, sidewalk, cardboard, fruit. Hyper-real, surreal, neo-real, unreal. Quiet drawing, still-life drawing, obsessive compulsive drawing, drawing with a magnifying glass. Drawing faces, drawing nudes, drawing people drawing. 3-D drawing, recursive drawing, interactive drawing, architectural drawing, comics. Live poetry illustration, self-portrait face-off, drawing silhouettes. Blind object drawing in the middle of the night.

Bring your drawing implements. Bring your pillow. Small naps permitted. Drop-ins welcome.

Where: The Studio, 169 Jiashan Road, No.5
When: 10:00am, Saturday, June 2 thru 10:00am Sunday June 3.