ARTSpring is an experiment in strengthening cultures through original art programs, including:

  • Art creation workshops
  • Art tours and talks
  • Festivals and events that highlight art experiences
  • Public art installations
  • Related publications and interactive media

We generate concepts, manage projects, disseminate information and generally function as a “hub” connecting arts practitioners with the public to create meaningful art experiences.

If you have ideas for a project or are seeking inspiration or new directions for your organization please get in touch!

Frequently asked questions
How is ARTSpring incorporated?
ARTSpring is a voluntary association with no direct ties to any government, business or other institution.

Does ARTSpring represent artists in the sale of their works?
No, ARTSpring does not actively represent artists in the art market.

How does ARTSpring support its programs?
Administrative time and funds to cover material costs are contributed by participating individuals and organizations on a project-by-project basis.

Where is ARTSpring based?
We are based in Shanghai, China, and have a special concern for Chinese cultural practices and contemporary life in China. At the same time our outlook is global. We strive to turn programs into prototypes which can be duplicated in different contexts around the world, and we are actively receptive to new ideas from outside China.

What is ARTSpring’s organizational direction?
ARTSpring is an evolving organization with a growing base of programs, arts practitioners and connections to organizations outside the arts worlds. We welcome inquiries from interested prospective partners including other voluntary organizations, educational institutions, government cultural agencies etc. whose work dovetails with ours.

Arts Practitioners / Guides / Champions


George Kaye

George Kaye


George is an independent curator based in Shanghai. He alternates his time between planning arts programs, managing neighborhood real estate projects and research and writing. He is author of 'Ecographs', a guidebook on language in nature, and creator of the 'Nature Scriptorium' that has been featured at art fairs around China.

Chloe Luo

Chloe Luo


Chloe is a translator and event coordinator. She graduated from Hong Kong City University with a degree in sociology. She is a passionate music and science fiction fan.

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