Good Gift Fair

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Date: December 6, 2014
Venue: Shanghai Hunan Neighborhood Cultural Activities Center
Orgnizers: George Kaye, Sherry Poon, Crystal Wan, Catherine Szeto
Partners: Hunan Neighborhood, GHaoGS, ECOnomy Magazine
Sponsors: MuLiMuWai,Pure Living,Green & Gorgeous

The GOOD Gift Fair brings together fine artists, outstanding civil society organizations and the public in Shanghai’s Hunan Road neighborhood in early December. This festive and fun-filled day is free for all.

The fair offers the public a chance to contribute to a wide variety of civil society programs (20 RMB: purchase a school book for a migrant child; 25 RMB: purchase a tree planting in Inner Mongolia; 35 RMB: fund 1% of a years’ tuition for an aspiring college student). Visitors may also interact with artists and receive gifts of beautiful works of art created on the spot. A variety of colorful music and dance performances take place throughout the day, and food and hot drinks are served by favorite neighborhood purveyors.

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