Ecographs Scriptorium: 2013 DesignShanghai

Exhibition Date: January 19, 2014
Exhibition Venue: The Nest, 105 Puyu West Road, Shanghai
Arts Practitioner(s) George Kaye,Zhang Yi,Ding Yiyin
Partners:Shanghai Roots & Shoots,Hezhong Environmental Advocacy Center,Xin Che JianWABC, Helin Art
Sponsor: 2013 Design Shanghai Organization Committee

Five tables surround a pagoda built of bamboo and rice paper. At each table a representative from a selected civil society organization leads an art activity related to the five elements of Chinese philosophy (metal, wood, water,fire, earth). Visitors draw ecographs from the dictionary relating to the five elements on the five walls of the pagoda, or invent their own.

From inside the pagoda the ecographs can be observed taking form. Like the boundaries between nature and culture, the walls of the pagoda are a place of information flow.