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Energy, light, information. Consider these terms as interchangeable. This is a good way to begin a study of the sun, that animates all forms of life.

Playing with toys can also be edifying. ‘Heliotropes’ (Greek helios=’sun’; trepein=’to turn’) are simple spinning devices that model the cycling of solar energy/light/information through a system. Each colored wheel, when set in motion, becomes like a tiny star — a fountain of life that sets the mind spinning!


Sun Spinning at DesignShanghai

Exhibition Date: Sep 24-26, 2015
Exhibition Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Center
Guide: George Kaye
Partners: iEnergy, 1001 Love/ LOOP

‘Sun Spinning’ consists of an arc of spinning color wheels powered by bicycle, to be mounted in the courtyard of the Shanghai Exhibition Center during Shanghai Design Week. Create a color wheel and put it in motion! In partnership with iEnergy, creators of the convivial build-your-own bamboo bicycle workshops.

Sun Spinning at EcoDesign Fair

Exhibition Date: June 6-7, 2015
Exhibition Venue: Shanghai Kerry Center
Arts Practitioners: George Kaye, Michael Yang
Partners: iEnergy, Shanghai HeARTS, Firefly Culture, Shanghai Girl Scouts
Sponsor: Shanghai Ecodesign Fair

A giant bicycle-powered spinning machine! Color wheels created during workshops throughout April and May will be mounted on an array of axles at the Ecodesign Fair. Hop on for a ride into the sunlight!

Color and (e)motion

Date: April 14, 2015, 9am-11am
Venue: Xujiahui Cultural Activity Center, 109 NanDan Rd, Shanghai
Guides: George Kaye, Michael Yang, Can Wong
Partner: Shanghai HeARTs

Shanghai HeARTs offers classes and activities for young people with cognitive disabilities. During this workshop we will create patterns on color wheels to be exhibited at the Shanghai Ecodesign Fair in June. What patterns arise when we set the wheels in motion?

Spinning machines + Girl Scouts

Date: March 28, 2015. 10am – 12pm
Venue: Studio 5, Shanghai
Guides: George Kaye,Michael Yang
Partner: Shanghai Girl Scouts

An experiment with wheels and related spinning things in preparation for the Shanghai Ecodesign Fair: “Transport”.

Mood Analyzer!

Date: March 14, 2015. 1pm-2pm
Venue: The Mad Curator, 8 Changtai Plaza 2Fl, Shanghai
Guide: George Kaye
Sponsor: The Mad Curator

Spin a color wheel and among the colors that appear identify a band that matches your mood. Mix paints to recreate that color and paint a stripe on a wall to be mounted in the Mad Curator display window.

Colors affect us in different ways. Check the fluctuating spectrum on the spinning wheel and analyze yourself!