‘Book of Leaves’ on Lantern Festival

Date: February 20-21
Venue: Fangcundi Farmers Market, Shanghai
Guide: George Kaye
Partner: Shanghai Roots & Shoots
Sponsor: Fangcundi Farmers Market

The most commonly sighted trees around Shanghai include the ‘London’ plane tree, camphor, Yulan magnolia, ginkgo, deodara cedar and a handful of others. Pressed and dried leaf specimens will be arrayed for viewing, and together with visitors we will add text to a book that may become a cross of a scientific notebook and an artists’ field journal.

    Lantern Riddles (hint: all share the same answer!):

  1. Many mouths to aspirate , but not the air you animals take.
  2. All food comes from the sun, but at the table I’m number one.
  3. A hundred sisters and a hundred bros, some are high and some are low, work by day and sleep at night, all to help our mama grow.
  4. Our shapes may be linear, oval, cordate; our skin may be fuzzy, glossy or mat, but one thing’s for sure: we’re flat!