Mini Green Challenge: Ecographs

Date: March 30, 2013. 10:00-11:30am.
Venue: chi K11 Art Space, Shanghai
Guides: George Kaye, Esther Qiu
Partners: Xindanwei, Shanghai Roots & Shoots
Sponsor(s): K11 Art Foundation, Shanghai Ecodesign Fair

Ecographs is a fun art activity in which participants create a personal symbol for eco-values using Chinese brush and ink on paper. What exactly are our values with respect to nature? Through a straightforward design methodology this question is explored verbally and visually. Each symbol that emerges is unique, but they all share a visual language that connects them to the earliest forms of human writing.

The workshop includes a demonstration and discussion with artists and calligraphers. No experience in art or calligraphy necessary. Participants designs will be mounted on scrolls for exhibition at the EcoDesign Fair, April 14-15 at the Cool Docks, Shanghai.