8-Hour Draw

Date: Saturday Sept 20, 1pm – 9pm
Venue: Studio No. 5, 169 Jiashan Rd, No. 5, Shanghai

随意串门 stop in anytime 带来你的项目 bring projects 用我们的画具材料或带来你自己的 drawing materials available or bring your own 下午六点烧烤 6pm BBQ.


There are currently 14 geocaches in downtown Shanghai and 18 more in the surrounding suburbs. The concept of ARTCACHE is simple: create a work of art, find a geocache, and leave your art there for the next person to discover. You may discover someone else’s art in the cache already, which is a gift for you!

For more information about geocaches in Shanghai visit: www.geocaching.com

The Studio is located in a neighborhood that is gradually changing. To pay tribute to the present colorful mix of merchants, tradespeople, restauranteurs, civil servants, students, passersby and residents young and old, a series of JIASHAN NEIGHBORHOOD murals is proposed, to be drawn by people in the neighborhood (that’s you) for an exhibition(s) to be determined.

1. Photograph any part of the neighborhood
2. Use photo projection to start a drawing
3. Invite others to co-create

There are 8 trigrams in Daoist cosmology, each composed of 3 rows of 2 types of line, either broken or solid. In BA GUA – THE MUSICAL, an audience seated in a formation of trigrams is surrounded by large sheets of rice paper, on which painting artists draw either circular or linear shapes. The audience is gradually offered brushes and invited to draw in response (the artists and audience are on opposite sides of the paper). The artists (that’s you) and the audience (that’s you too) are conducting a rehearsal to discover what happens next.

All this to the sound of music.