Moon Festival Gathering

Date: September 11 (1:30-3pm) & 15(2:30-9pm), 2016.
Venue: Studio 5, 169 Jiashan Road, No. 5, Shanghai
Guides: George Kaye, Chen Wenzhong
Partners: The British Kitchen, 食飨集, Fireflies Culture, iEnergy


Clouds thin out in twilight cool and clear,
The cosmos soundlessly turns the shining sphere.
This life, this night, will not be so long,
Next moon, next year, what shall appear.
【 宋】苏轼

We are happy to invite all friends to two moon festival events at the Studio:

  1. Join us on Sunday for a lantern-making and “moon” ecograph drawing activity. What’s another word for ‘moon’? Language is how we describe a phenomenon that is dark, elliptical, and pock-marked with mystery, so let’s not be stingy with words. Ecographs are invented words that are like Chinese ideographs, which express individual experiences of nature.
  2. On Thursday afternoon (中秋节)more lantern-making using bamboo and rice paper. When your lantern is complete decorate it with your favorite ‘moon’ ecographs in Chinese ink. Stay for ‘moon-cookie’ decorating from The British Kitchen, moon cakes from 食飨集, and an evening of moon-themed free-drawing. A light harvest dinner will be served at 5pm, and we will take our lanterns outside as the moon rises! Poems, songs, stories or sounds inspired by the moon encouraged!