Beautiful Mushrooms

Date: April 19-20, 2014
Venue: Shanghai EcoDesign Fair, The NEST, 105 Puyu Xi Rd, Shanghai
Sponsor: Shanghai EcoDesign Fair
Artist: 露Lou 露Lou
Partner: Zhi Geng Nong
Sponsor: Shanghai EcoDesign Fair

From lofty events in the atmosphere to the lowliest stirrings underground beauty surrounds us. Materials that are useful and/or nutritious surround us too. Take the mushroom: ubiquitous, fast growing, complex, tender, sometimes delicious, sometimes dangerous. Whether we value mushrooms for their beauty, their utility, or not at all comes down to our frame of mind.

In this interactive installation the artist duo 露Lou 露Lou have teamed up with Zhi Geng Nong, a social enterprise engaged in consumer food awareness and farmer training, in a happy marriage of aesthetics and action. Beautiful Mushrooms invites a sensory experience of soil, mushrooms, clay and porcelain, and a conversation about ecology.