Ecographs: 5 Elements

Workshop Time: Summer & Fall 2013: Jun 1 (water), Jun 28 (metal), Sept 28 (water), Oct 20 (earth), Nov 9 (wood), Nov 23 (fire). 1:30pm – 3:00pm
Workshop Venue: Shanghai K11 chi Art Space
Arts Practitioner(s): George Kaye, Gong Muzhi, Ken Miao, Dryden Wells, Lu Jinjing
Sponsor: K11 Art Foundation

“Ecographs:Elements” is a fun art activity in which participants create a new symbol for different elements or phases of nature using Chinese brush and ink on paper. Through playful experimentation with water, wood, earth, fire and metal we will cultivate new awareness of language in nature. No experience in art or calligraphy necessary.