“Nature Scriptorium” at ARTHarbin

Date: December 16-22, 2014
Venue: ARTHarbin International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Art Home Plaza 艺汇家, Harbin.
Guides: George Kaye, Teng Haiying
Sponsor: Harbin Bureau of Public Affairs

The Nature Scriptorium is a six-sided pagoda constructed of bamboo and rice paper onto which individual ecographs are inscribed by the public with Chinese brush and ink. For ArtHarbin, a subset of ecographs are exhibited that directly relate to the 5 elements of Chinese philosophy (metal, wood, water, fire, earth), plus the enveloping air, i.e. 气(”qi”). Suspended above the scriptorium are six hand-made kites adorned with ecographs that relate to the sensation of air.

For the opening ceremony the artist Teng Haiying created an ink painting on the entryway panel of the structure, filling the large sheet of rice paper in swift strokes with the image of a bee hovering in the air, piercing a flower with its tongue.

The ecographs scriptorium is designed and constructed by George Kaye. ARTHarbin is hosted by the Harbin Bureau of Public Affairs, and includes the works of over 20 artists from China and abroad. More information about ArtHarbin is available at www.yihuijia.com.cn.